Ranch/OSU Interships

Here at Silvies Valley Ranch we strive to find the best practices in each area of our ranching enterprise.

We recognize that ranching and ranch management will continue to change along with our local, national and world economies. Partnering with OSU gives us the opportunity to help prepare talented young people from all backgrounds, to work within this changing paradigm that is modern ranching. Our internship program is designed to offer discovery and innovation through a wide range of learning objectives tailored to each student’s interests.

Silvies Valley Ranch offers two distinct Internships opportunities available during the academic school year, based on OSU’s four quarter schedule.

OSU Multidisciplinary Internship Program

Managing a ranching enterprise continues to get more complicated as capital costs increase and agricultural commodities experience tighter and tighter margins. In order to understand or manage a successful ranching enterprise in the future, one will need to possess a great breadth of knowledge in: Animal Science, Wildlife, Crops, Restoration Ecology, Forestry, Fisheries, Range Management, Marketing, Management, Veterinary Medicine, Genetics, Law, and even Guest Services!

$3,000 Scholarship for 2015 Calving-Kidding Internships

Silvies Valley Ranch, a progressive cow/calf operation will be accepting two interns for the 2015 calving-kidding season. The internships will start March 22nd and will last through June 12, 2015. Applications must be submitted no later than February 20th. The selected interns will receive $3,000 each by Silvies Valley Ranch through the Oregon State University Foundation.