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More Than “Just” World-Class Golf and Dining

The image of the American West brings to mind renegade spirits who value straightforwardness, tradition, resilience and a comedic sense of relaxation. Whether you're looking to play one of Silvies' world-class golf courses, experience an authentic cattle drive, test your skills at the shooting range, hike the 140,000 acres of land or simply relax in the spa, Silvies Valley Ranch has something for everyone.

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Western adventures such as shooting, cattle roundup, goat herding, fishing, exploring, wagon rides, Indian cave tours, hiking, biking, a spa and more can all be found on the ranch - defining the overall serenity and impression that makes Silvies Valley Ranch a must-see destination for visitors far and wide.

Something For Everyone

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Ranch Experiences


Cattle Roundup

Razor Ranch Eco-Tour




Goat Herding

Rocking Heart Spa

Horseback Riding

Nature Photography

Wagon Rides

Scotch and Wine Tasting



Cool Golf

Snow Bikes