Vision & Mission


Mission and Promise

"Caring for our environment, livestock, friends and families"


A profitable livestock ranching and guest operation with abundant, healthy wildlife that sets the standard for the nation in best ranching and environmental practices where associates stay for their lifetimes and guests return time after time.

Our Principles

We judge our quality by the strength and length of our relationships.


  • Quality care of livestock and wildlife – they are more efficient and productive, and stay productive on the ranch longer, with a better life
  • Quality career/life for our associates – they stay with us
  • Quality product and services to our customers – they return year after year; pay a premium; and tell their friends that Silvies Valley Ranch is the best!

We need freedom to shape our future and we need profit to remain free.


  • To be the best outfit in the world, we need the freedom to decide how and when to improve our ranch; how to pay our associates; how to care for our livestock; how to develop cover and feed for our wildlife, and how and when to harvest our fields, livestock, forests or wildlife – this freedom only exists with profit. Without profit, the bank, lenders and creditors – or eventually new owners – call the shots.

A mutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure.

We value the relationships we forge with our customers, neighbors, friends and environment. We cannot compromise those relationships by neglecting their needs. Each must benefit by choosing to have a relationship with Silvies Valley Ranch, just as we must benefit from having a relationship with them.

Likewise, we must seek mutual benefit with fellow ranch associates and valued suppliers. If we ever seek unfair advantage in these relationships, we compromise our values and our own long term success. Each party to an exchange of goods or services must receive a fair benefit from that exchange. The actions of Silvies Valley Ranch should never be conducted at the expense, economic or otherwise, of those with whom we deal. We must always reflect in our actions and decisions the basic truth that if quality and value are offered, support and success will come in return.

Our aim is to return a benefit to our local and national communities, increasing their prosperity as we benefit from their hospitality.

We embrace the concept of perpetual growth, both personal and professional.

Perpetual growth is an incentive and reward for us all. We want to constantly seek and be rewarded by professionally advancing and achieving personal goals and satisfaction. To be associated with the best ranch and to constantly strive to set new standards for all to admire, is without compare. No other achievement is possible or fulfilling without this growth.

In order to promote and support personal and professional growth, we each need to be able to balance priorities and be efficient. “Business as usual” can often pull an associate’s (or a ranch’s) focus away from new challenges and growth opportunities or makes us want to compromise our environmental goals, which we must never do. To ensure that we maintain our day-to-day business, but continually improve ourselves and our ranch in every way, efficiency is a must. Developing one’s self to become more efficient and constantly looking at ways to run our ranch more efficiently are two requirements to the growth of the Silvies Valley Ranch and each of our associates.

We use resources to the full, waste nothing and do only what we can do best.

At Silvies Valley Ranch, one of our most important strengths is our efficiency: our ability to organize all our assets – physical, financial, animal and human – for maximum productivity. In this way, our ranch can produce products and deliver services with the finest quality, at the least possible cost, with the lowest consumption of resources; similarly, we seek to manage our team members and all our business operations with the most efficient processes for decision-making. As a result, we are able to maintain our principles, offer superior value and share our success.

As individuals we demand total responsibility from ourselves; as associates we support the responsibilities of others.

Every Silvies Valley Ranch associate should embrace the fact that we each share direct responsibility for the success of our ranch and our brand – from individual decision-making, to accountability for our actions, to pride in results well earned. We rely on individuals to take direct and full responsibility for doing their jobs, working as if the success of the ranch depended on their efforts alone. At the same time, we share responsibilities for certain tasks with one another to achieve broad ranch objectives – like our environmental objectives. Every associate has an important contribution to make toward our success, and each is deserving of respect and support. It is our responsibility to teach our brand values and operating strategies to others, so that we can make the best decisions. Building responsibility among our associates and customers is critical to our success.

We also accept responsibility to build team success and to recognize all associates for their contributions to that success. We must support each other and all other teams within the ranch. We value independence of thought and interdependence of shared Silvies Valley Ranch objectives.