Heritage Naked Beef

The most exceptional and unique beef available.

Why Our Beef Is So Unique

“Heritage Beef” best describes our special line of beef. Developed from a mix of old lines of cattle, they are smaller and better able to fatten naturally on grass, clover and wildflowers—instead of corn, alfalfa and grain which is the diet of today’s commercial cattle.

Like cattle of 50 years ago, our “heritage” cattle are bred to have a mature weight of less than 1200 pounds in order to yield tastier, smaller cuts and to be easier on the natural riparian meadows where they are raised.

"Naked Beef" is the appropriate term for our processed cattle because they don’t have any antibiotics, hormones, corn, alfalfa, grain, chemically treated or polluted water, or any other artificial additives covering up for poor genetics. They are very lean and not covered in fat so they are "naked" — what you taste is purely natural!


Raised in Mountain Meadows

Cattle actually evolved eating a blend of grasses, clovers and wildflowers just like they still do in Silvies Valley. It is well known, and has been confirmed by numerous studies, that no species (let alone beef cattle, which have special nutritional requirements) does well on a diet of a single food stuff and does best with the diet they evolved eating.

First Native Americans, then trappers and finally ranchers for the last 120 years, have recognized that Silvies Valley had superior pasture for wildlife—and for cattle.

And you won’t find chemicals, pollutants, herbicides or fertilizers in Silvies’ pastures or hay. As has happened for millions of years, in the spring the snow melts in the surrounding mountains and creates floods. This natural runoff brings nutrients down into our ranch meadows.

The BEST Beef


  • 100% Natural, native clovers, grasses and wildflowers
  • 100% Corn and alfalfa-free
  • 100% Clean, chemical-free, natural water
  • Heritage breeding for uniform small size that will fatten on grass. Better tastiness, tenderness and juiciness in a lean meat with a higher proportion of good fats and protein— a healthier food


  • 100% Organically fed
  • 100% Natural native clovers, grasses and wildflowers
  • 100% Corn-free, alfalfa-free and grain-free diets.
  • Above three crops use a lot of energy to farm and also require chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The native plants at Silvies grow naturally in the mountain air with plentiful sunshine and fresh water from rain and springs


  • 100% Hormone-free
  • 100% Antibiotic-free
  • 100% Corn, grain and alfalfa-free
  • 100% Healthy cattle that are parasite-free and raised on Silvies Valley Ranch their entire life—never in a feedlot; they range freely in large pastures every day of their life


  • Younger at slaughter for tenderness
  • Genetics for tenderness
  • Free range for muscle growth and development, and low stress handling for tenderness
  • Always healthy and well taken care of—their entire life is spent on one beautiful mountain ranch, in a pasture of over 100 acres

Taste the Difference

“The many special qualities of the Silvies Valley Ranch pastures and our special breeding process creates beef that is the tastiest, juiciest, most tender and healthiest you have ever eaten. Once you try it, you won’t ever be satisfied with regular beef again!”

Scott Campbell, DVM - Veterinarian and Silvies Valley Ranch Owner